God Healed Delia Knox


Delia Knox was in a car accident on Christmas Day 1987. For 23 years she was paralyzed from the waist down. August 27, 2010 she was healed by God.

Here's the video of night she got healed. You can view the short version or the long version.

Short Version

Delia Knox was healed August 27th 2010. God healed her spinal cord and gave her the ability to move and feel the parts of her body that she could not for 23 years, but her  muscles and bones has atrophied because she had not used them for so long so it took some time for her to gain her strength back. This is her almost a month later

Below is Delia walking and singing a few months after she got healed.

Part 2 of her testimony 

Delia Knox singing in her wheelchair in the year 1990.

Long Version

This is an actual news report about the miracle. Delia is returning to her mother's house in Buffalo, NY where her parents will see her walk for the first time in 23 years.

Now this is Delia giving her testimony of what happened when God healed her.

Part 3 of her testimony